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Friday, September 29, 2006

7 Ways to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic To Your Site

Why Promoting With Articles Works Very Well

By Internet Marketing SEO

If an internet marketer does not understand how to drive
laser targeted traffic to his or her website, possessing all
of the other traits and skills required to succeed will not
matter. The best looking, world's most functional web site
will not make one bit of difference if no one ever finds it!
Worse yet, your web site could receive thousands of visitors
each day, but if those visitors are not targeted prospects
interested in buying what you are promoting, you will not
experience the level of success you desire.

Hundreds of web sites are created each day, thanks to the
availability of easy to use web site builders. With so much
competition, how can you get the targeted web site traffic
required for success? Using the seven ways to drive laser
targeted traffic to your web site will put you a step ahead
of your competition.

1) Search Engines. Internet marketers can, and should rely
heavily upon search engines for sending traffic to their web
sites. They can be used successfully without costing a
single cent, provided you are able to get your site listed
in a visible position (the first page or two of search
results rather than the tenth). Getting a web site listed
in the top positions of the major search engines takes
patience, but it is well worth the time and effort when the
traffic starts pouring in!

2) Links. Many strategies for marketing online make use of
links to gain traffic to a web site. You could contact
other web site owners and request that they exchange links
with you; in other words, you will place a link to their web
site on your page and they will place a link to your web
site on their page. Link exchanges are far more successful
when links are traded between sites containing related
information. Web site owners can also browse through blogs,
message boards and online forums and make comments to the
postings on these sites. The comments you make should
include a link back to your own site.

3) Article Marketing. One of the most under utilized
methods of obtaining traffic to a web site includes writing
articles. If you write articles with quality content, you
will have people interested enough in what you do to click
on links back to your web site to learn more. Furthermore,
there are thousands of article directories and submission
services online that allow you to submit your articles
including an author's resource box with a link back to your
own web site. When other web site owners use the article as
content on their web site, they are also linking to your

4) Affiliate Programs. When you create an affiliate
program out of your products or services, you essentially
allow other people to sell your product on commission. They
will receive a small percentage of each item sold, and you
will experience higher levels of sales thanks to your "sales
team" of affiliates doing the leg work for you.

5) Joint Venture Marketing. Many forms of joint venture
marketing exist, in that more than one person or entity
shares the risk of a particular product or service. One of
the easiest and most effective forms of joint venture
marketing is to swap advertisements and links with another
partner, enabling each partner to reach a larger customer
base in a shorter period of time.

6) Market Research. When an internet marketer is aware of
exactly the people who make up their target market;
advertising becomes much more effective and efficient. You
will focus on driving only the people who are specifically
interested in your product and service, and stop wasting
time trying to attract everyone to your site.

7) Newsletter Subscribers. When you are marketing products
to customers online, it is very important that you set up a
way to continuously contact those potential customers with
updates and specials on your products. Allowing individuals
to subscribe to a newsletter gives you an easy way to track
all of your interested prospects, and using an auto
responder makes it fast to send each person an update on a
regular basis.

Marketing products over the internet requires a continuous
trial and error approach. Your actions need to be
measurable so you can track whether or not each approach has
been successful or not. Using the seven ways to obtain
laser targeted traffic will give you an advantage over the

Have a great day,
Internet Marketing SEO

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