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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Secret to Non-Stop, FREE, Targeted Traffic!

The Secret to Non-Stop, FREE, Targeted Traffic!

By Nattawuth T.
(c) Nattawuth T. - All Rights reserved
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In his ebook, "Turn Words Into Traffic", Jim and Dallas
Edwards teach you how to adapt proven article "Blueprint"
to vastly increase web traffic. Jim and Dallas teach you not
only how to create your article but also specific techniques
for promoting with your articles whether you write it or
someone else write it for you.

Though the ebook prints out to about 179 pages and doesn't
teach anything about other aspects of internet marketing,
such as seo, ppc marketing or banner exchange, it does
thoroughly cover what many consider the most important
aspect of internet marketing - namely coming up with an
article that sucks more web site traffic into your websites
or your affiliate sale letters sites.

Jim and Dallas Edwards have spent more than a decade
studying and perfecting these article writing techniques for
client all over the world. They know how to drive people to
action and how to teach you to follow their proven, fast
writing methods quickly and easily. In fact, they also use
these techniques to drive free targeted web site traffic to
their sites.

In "Turn Words Into Traffic", I found the most value in the
fact that Jim and Dallas doesn't just tell you how to use
articles to get more web site traffic effectively, they show
you step-by-step exactly how to do it. Instead of just
talking in broad generalities they get you totally involved
as you see each proven article "Blueprint" exercise adapted
across a dozen different industries.

This book takes a truly hands-on approach I've never seen
before in any article writing book. It logically and
systematically shows you how to write a proven article that
bring huge number of highly targeted web site traffic to
your websites or your affiliate sales letter sites without
spending a dime on advertising.

Though it took a little while to understand exactly how to
apply this article "Blueprint", once I "got it" I found
myself finding article formulas and evaluating them not only
from the ebook itself, but from every ezine and magazine
I've seen since. With a little of practice, even people with
the zero writing skill or article writing experience should
have no problem following the step-by-step instruction laid
out in the book.

In their sales letter page, as well as the text of the
ebook, the Edwards asserted that anyone, regardless of their
business or profession, can use and adapt their methods they
teach in their web site marketing strategy. I have to admit
initially I felt a great deal of skepticism, however, after
reading the book, I see they can actually back up their

The only thing I felt this ebook could use to make it even
better was perhaps a section about creating a "Simple" Auto-
responder. But, then again, this information applies any
place that needs articles regardless of whether it appears
in a real world or on a website.

In particular case with the Edwards' book I feel 100%
comfortable that based on the promises made in the sales
literature, this book doesn't leave any questions unanswered
or promises unfulfilled.

Unlike other advertising methods, publishing and promoting
with free articles gives you one of the most powerful
opportunities available to tip the buyer's credibility scale
in your favor and buy your product, because people have been
conditioned to think "they aren't trying to sell me
anything.". If you want to quickly learn how to create
articles that bring you more web site traffic, then I give
"Turn Words Into Traffic" my highest recommendation at a 9
on a scale of 1 to 10.

For more information on Jim and Dallas Edwards' book, "Turn
Words Into Traffic", please visit:
Turn Words Into Traffic

Hopefully Jim and Dallas will produce a follow-on ebook that
breaks down even more proven, money-making articles or come
out with an ebook that teaches another aspect of internet
marketing in the same thorough and complete manner.

Have a greatday,
Internet Marketing SEO

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