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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Effective Ways to Get More Web Site Traffic Without Paying

Effective Ways to Get More Web Site Traffic Without Paying

By Internet Marketing SEO

Using articles to bring more traffic to a site is a great way of getting your website the promotion needed to create a buzz of targeted traffic to your door, while not costing a cent.

An article that has great content and helpful information in it, will not only be read in article directories or where it has been placed, it will also be snapped up by people looking for information about a certain topic, including people such as bloggers, forum members or webmasters.

By allowing your article to be freely published as long as your name, and a link to your website is left in tact, means that you have your own promotional link placed all over the internet for highly targeted audiences to click on. There are a few really good places to put an article, in order to obtain maximum exposure from highly targeted traffic

Article Directories
Article directories accept all types of articles on just about any topic as long as the content is helpful and not full of hype or advertising.

There are a few requirements asked by these free article directories such as length of articles and layout, each article directory has different requirements but a safe length for articles are between 500 words up to 1,000.

Keep in mind that the articles should be helpful to the reader and tell them just enough about a subject to make them want to click on the link in your resource box, to be transported to your website for more information

E-Zine Publications
E-Zines will often take articles and publish them free of charge on their sites, with the resource box, and your website link included at the bottom of the article. Be sure to take note of the e-zines guidelines for publication, and make sure that the article is directed at the correct audience of readers in the E-zine.

Blogs are another way to get your articles published, by either having your own blog or allowing others with blogs to use your article as content for their posts. What happens when a log includes your article in their post, is a few lines of your article are included in the blog post, and interested surfers can click on the link and be transported to your website.

Articles on Your Website
Many people underestimate the power of posting original content on their own websites, by using SEO in articles and posting them on your website you create interesting content and keywords that can easily be read by search engine crawlers, giving you a higher search engine ranking, one of the best ways to generate traffic is through the search engines.

When writing articles for any of the above sources it is important to make sure that they have been proof read and are free of spelling and grammatical errors. In most cases editors are very busy and unable to do these corrections for you.

Take time to make your headline catchy, as this is the one line of writing that is the decider whether a person reads your article or not, and don’t forget to include a resource box with a hyperlink or URL back to your website.

Have a great day,
Internet Marketing SEO

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