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Thursday, October 05, 2006

How to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic Using Overture

How to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic Using Overture

By Internet Marketing SEO

Overture offers internet marketers a sure-fire way to bring
laser-targeted traffic to their web sites. Overture offers
pay-per-click advertising to internet marketers, so the
service works much in the same way as a commissioned sales
person. When a salesman working on commission completes a
sale, they make a percentage of that sale. When someone
clicks on your advertisement in a pay-per-click search
engine such as Overture, you pay a "commission" for the
search engines' performance. When a marketer uses Overture,
they select keywords that are directly connected to the
products or services the marketer wishes to promote,
resulting in the deliverance of only interested prospects to
your web site rather than "miscellaneous" web visitors.
Individuals coming to your web site during their search on
the internet for keyword phrases related to your products
and services are considered laser-targeted traffic.

The keywords for Overture advertising are selected in order
to ensure that your web site receives only highly targeted
traffic, with the visitors clicking your advertisements
looking for your specific items. Overture steers marketers
away from the most commonly used, and therefore most
expensive, keywords, and finds laser-targeted, niche words
that result in a high conversion rate. Better results come
from having 500 site visitors per day clicking on
advertisements with your keywords than having 5000 visitors
per day who aren't sure how they found your web site!

How does Overture work to bring you highly targeted web site
traffic, exactly? Obtaining laser-targeted traffic using
Overture begins with the selection of keywords that are
directly related to the product or service. Research
indicates that marketers selecting 20 or more keywords
experience the best results. Once a keyword list has been
developed, advertisers write titles and descriptions for
each keyword. The descriptions are important because they
are what the people using search engines will read to decide
whether or not to visit your web site. Select the bid price
for each keyword to determine what you are willing to pay
for the words. Overture then displays your ad when your
keywords are typed by an internet user across many popular
search engines and portals, positioned on the page according
to the bid amount. You receive web site visitors who are
laser targeted- individuals specifically looking for your

As a pay-for-performance marketing model, Overture offers
internet advertisers a sound, cost effective marketing
investment because you are paying only for results rather
than just the opportunity of placing an advertisement on a
web page without a guarantee of success. The secret to
laser targeted web traffic: Overture allows internet
marketers to advertise products and services to the people
that are already searching the internet for what you are
selling. Your advertisement will only appear when people
type in your keyword terms, and people will only be typing
in these keywords when they are specifically searching for
those products and services! Overture brings you laser
targeted traffic, eliminating the need for you to find
potential customers for your product or service.

You can go to Overture with this address

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