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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Power of Myspace

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Today, I have an article about how to use the power of my space to increase web trafffic by Jeff Lawrence for you.

Here is an article:

The Power of Myspace
By Jeff Lawrence

Traditional ways of generating traffic to a website have revolved around PPC advertising, search engine optimization, reciprocal linking, content generation, and a wide variety of other means. As the internet continues to evolve another form has made waves in the online world: Myspace. Myspace is categorized as a "social networking site." What that means it is it is a gathering center for almost everyone. People find old high school friends, arrange for potential dates, communicate with friends, and most importantly to those in the SEO and web analytics fields they use myspace to promote a product or service. Although advertising businesses is technically against myspace's terms and conditions (they would rather you pay to advertise) hundreds of thousands of businesses and bands reside on myspace. With reports of 100 million users of myspace the potential for promotion is incredible. Myspace, for the first time ever directed more traffic to online retailers last month than yahoo did according to hitwise. That was just from paid advertising, not from individual users of the site.

As an example of the power of myspace we had a staffer create a myspace profile with her name, a few pictures, and a description of the company she works for, us. She added her friends, and then added some friends of her friends. Within four days she had over 650 friends that generated hundreds of hits onto our main website. At the time of this article she was upto 3000 friends in two weeks of Myspace membership. Other myspace members had tens of thousands of friends, and used the myspace bulletin feature to send traffic to events that they were planning, or invitations for their "friends" to visit their website for a new promotion. In addition to this your website link is indexed by Google, further enhancing your position for link building as well. The potential unique visitors that myspace can generate is increasing important on today's rapidly changing internet. If you have any further questions that we haven't clearly addressed, or just need some advise feel free to email us at or visit us at

Jeff Lawrence is the owner of Sonicko Consultanting. This article may be reused provided that the full content is published. Sonicko focuses on web analytics and search engine optimization and is based out of Los Angeles, CA. You can reach them at their website at

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